Return Policy


·         Exchange parts are identified at the time of sale and noted on all invoices.

·         All Exchanges require a valid RMA number. RMA numbers will be issued and noted on invoices.

·         A “Like and Repairable” part must be received at out facility within 15 days of shipment date; otherwise additional billing will be assessed.

·         If the exchange received is not a “Like and Repairable” part, written notification will be sent to the customer requesting them to provide a “Like and Repairable” part within 5 calendar days. If one is not received within 5 days, additional billing will be assessed. The original part may be returned at customer’s expense.

·         Additional Billing- Failure to return an exchange part within the 15 days from the original shipment date will result in an Additional Billing. The Additional Billing will be calculated as the difference between the OEM outright price and the Purchase price or at Express Systems & Parts Network’s discretion.



·         All items are guaranteed to function within the specifications of the manufacturer for a period of 30 days from the original shipment date.

·         Items considered highly sensitive, including but not limited to photo timing ion chambers, x-ray tubes, camera tubes, and printed circuit boards containing surface mount components will not be accepted for re-stock and/or credit if the packaging has been opened, broken or disturbed.

·         All Restocks require a valid RMA number to be requested within 15 days of shipment date. Please contact the Express Systems & Parts Network Customer Service Staff to obtain an RMA number valid for restocks only prior to return product.

·         All Restock parts returned with a Restock RMA number will be processed as a Return part.

·         If the part is returned within 15 days from the original shipment, the following Restock credit will apply:

·         Un-opened……75% (Restock fee of 25%)

·         Opened………..70% (Restock fee of 30%)



Express Systems & Parts Network warrants its products against any defect or malfunctions for 30 days unless otherwise specified at time of sale. Details of warranties for X-ray tubes and other glassware will be made available at the time of order or inquiry Express Systems & Parts Network.

·       All warranty claims require a valid RMA (Return Material Authorization) number valid for warranty only to be requested within 15 days of the original shipment date or as stated at the time of sale. Please contact the Express Systems & Parts Network Customer Service Staff to obtain an RMA number prior to returning product.

·         Warranty Credit will only be issued when a warranty replacement has been ordered. Warranty returns without a warranty re-order will not be accepted and no credit will be issued.

·         All Warranty parts must be returned to Express Systems & Parts Network within 15 days of the warranty replacement ship date.

·         All Warranty claims will undergo a technical review validation, and credit will only be issued on valid and approved warranty claims.

Friendly Reminder:


Please Circle EX or RTRN  Case Number:                                 when you are returning the

Exchange Part or Return.  Core Exchange Must Be A Like And Repairable Item. 

Substitutions may cause a delay in any credit processing.    


Part Number

 Serial Number


Description of Failure or Error Code (If Available)


















Please fill out this sheet when returning core exchange or defective item.

 Our Policy is 15 days for returning exchange or defective items.

The RMA Number must be marked on the outside of the return box. 

This form must accompany any returns to assure proper credit.

Must be here no later than  ___________________

If received after 30 days—Warranty is voided.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: 330-995-4350 or 888-550-3776; Fax Number: 330-995-2320 or by email at: 


Thank You

Express Systems RMA Dept

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