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Express Systems & Parts Network Inc. brings you the most advanced C-arm X-Ray from Philips.

Available in two models; Philips BV-29 and Philips original C-arm BV Pulsera, Philips C-Arm scan machines are designed to meet your medical needs at your facility..

Philips BV-29 comes with the following advanced features:

·         Tri-Mode 9″/6″/4″ Image Intensifier,

·         Scopofix 200 Image Storage,

·         Hard Copy Device, CCD Camera,

·         Low Radiation Dose,

·         Patient Data Keypad,

·         Dual Monitors,

·         Dual 17″ Hi-resolution Monitors with Cart,

·         Hard Copy Matrix Camera 8″x10″ Format,

·         Fixed X-ray Tube Certified,

·         Digital Recorder,

·         Last Image Hold,

·         Matrix 2:1 Camera.


It also has a tube heat capacity of 25,000 hu and a cooling capacity of 12,000 hu/min. Its high-quality imaging and compact system are committed to orthopaedic procedures, wounds, vertebrae, and pain management.

Philips original C-arm BV Pulsera is equipped with the following:

·         Body smart imaging software,

·         30,600 Hu/min cooling system,

·         40-110 kV Fluoroscopic mode Range,

·         .6mm focal spot in fluoroscopic mode,

·         1.4mm in radiographic mode,

·         RIS/HIS compatible,

·         9ae triple mode intensifier,

·         1008 x 480 x 8 1006 x 480 x 8 512 x 512 or 576 x 576(60 Hz) display,

·         7.2 mA at 110 kV output,

·         Dual Hi-Resolution Monitors,

·         Radiographic Mode KV Range of 40-105 and mAs range: 0.2-80,

·          Stationary x-ray generator.

With a large field of view, excellent low-dose imaging, Philips BV Pulsera’s advanced innovations help you achieve your superior diagnosis and treatment.

Philips C-Arm X-Ray machines are now available for online purchase at our website.

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