What is Robotic Angiography Gantry that GE Introduced Last Year?

by Mohammed Arafat

Thursday 18th of November 2021

What is Robotic Angiography Gantry that GE Introduced Last Year?


Like every year, RSNA(Radiological Society of North America) allows manufacturers to show the world the latest innovations and inventions. December 2020 was the month when General Electric Healthcare Company introduced a robotic angiography gantry that Addresses Ergonomic Issues. Allia IGS 7 system, is the name of the new innovative robotic system, uses AI-optimized dose and imaging settings and enables easier use of rotational angiography.


The Allia IGS 7 angiography system was unveiled at the 2020 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) virtual meeting last year. It is a laser-guided system, which enables exact positioning in the room and enables advanced imaging and guidance technologies found on fixed-based C-arm systems.


Allia IGS 7 is neither floor or ceiling mounted. It is operating on a wheeled gantry so it can easily be parked out of the way for easier patient access or conversion to open procedures. 


Clinicians and professionals know that about 50% of procedures are performed at working positions where they have poor access to user interface, functions and display. The healthcare company collaborated with clinicians to redesign the image guided therapy suite. They focused on ergonomics, ease-of-use and workflow efficiency. 


Designed to enhance user experience, improve workflow efficiency and increase adoption of advanced image guidance in daily practice, Allia IGS 7 allows users to access their essential functions to make it their room with just one click on the personalized interfaces.


This magica;l robot will enable an optimized ergonomic setup for the user’s clinical needs, even in complex working positions; thanks to the redesigned C-arm.


Stephan Haulon, professor of vascular surgery at Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint Joseph, Hôpital Marie Lannelongue said that Allia IGS 7 is the result of a real partnership between GE and a high-volume user like him.“


“There has been a real focus on ergonomy, working space, ease of use. What I truly believe is that this image guided system is an assistant to perform all those endovascular procedures. The overall impression of this new generation was excellent.” He added.


Learn more about Allia IGS 7 and other equipments and systems visiting our website or talking to one of our representatives. Don't forget, we will be participating in RSNA annual meeting at booth #8046


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