Philips launches new MRI scanners on RSNA 2021

by Mohammed Arafat

Wednesday 24th of November 2021

Philips launches new MRI scanners on RSNA 2021


News Agencies - RSNA 2021 is less than one week away, and of course medical imaging companies are waiting for surprises from international manufacturers. Just a few days before the start of this important event, Royal Philips, Philips Healthcare parent company, is expected to launch new MRI scanners. 

1.5-tesla and 3-tesla MRI scanners will be launched along with software-based workflow enhancements, which are designed to enable radiology facilities to operate more efficiently.

One of these new scanners is the MR 5300 scanner. It extends to a new scanner, which the BlueSeal helium-free operation concept Philips first launched in 2018.

To improve workflow, efficiency, and image quality, MR 5300 features a number of enhancements powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It is able to simplify and automate many complex clinical and operational tasks, which will hugely help professionals and clinicians during complicated operations and tasks.MR 5300 sports a 55-cm field of view, enabling extended anatomical coverage.

The MR 7700 scanner is the other scanner that Philips is proud of. It is a 3-tesla magnet that's not only designed to be suitable for clinical purposes, but for research purposes as well. The company says that MR 7700 has integrated multinuclear clinical capabilities, which will give researchers flexibility for new investigations. 

The functionality of the scanner includes five additional nuclei, giving researchers insight into more metabolic and functional information across anatomies. This also makes multinuclei imaging possible as part of daily MR clinical workflow. 

MR 7700 will be shown at RSNA in Chicago next week while it is still pending FDA clearance.

In addition to those new scanners, Philips will be exhibiting a new AI-powered data reconstruction platform, called SmartSpeed, which will apply the company's Adaptive-CS-Net AI algorithm directly to the source of MRI signals.

SmartSpeed is designed to support 97% of current clinical protocols.

It’s worth mentioning that the Express Systems and Parts team will be attending RSNA 2021 in Chicago. The booth number will be #8046


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