Medical Equipment Maintenance Market worth $74.2 billion by 2026

by Mohammed Arafat

Thursday 21st of October 2021

Medical Equipment Maintenance Market worth $74.2 billion by 2026


An article published on Research and Market website stated that the medical equipment maintenance market is projected to reach $74.2 billion by the year of 2026 from USD 45.2 billion in 2021. This growth was caused by the growth in the associated equipment market, which is segmented multi-vendor OEMs(Original equipment manufacturers), single-vendor OEMs, ISOs, and in-house maintenance. This market is primarily driven by the increasing number of diagnostic imaging procedures across the globe. A rise in the prevalence of chronic diseases is also expected to propel the use of advanced imaging equipment and subsequently drive the demand for associated maintenance services.


Original equipment manufacturers provide a wide range of maintenance services, such as corrective maintenance, operational maintenance, planned maintenance, etc, with the Preventive maintenance segment accounting for a larger share of the market in 2020.


This type of maintenance is carried out for life support devices/equipment used for diagnosis and treatment, and devices that significantly impact the safety of patients. Examples about that are: defibrillators, ECG machines, pulse oximeters, infusion pumps, and electrosurgical units. Preventive maintenance is critical for equipment present in radiology departments due to mandatory certifications and regulations, and the high cost of equipment. 


The medical equipment maintenance consists of diagnostic imaging equipment, patient monitoring & life support devices, endoscopic devices, surgical equipment, ophthalmology equipment, medical lasers, electrosurgical equipment, radiotherapy devices, dental equipment, laboratory equipment, and durable medical equipment. And this market is divided into CT scanners, MRI systems, X-ray systems, ultrasound systems, angiography systems, nuclear imaging equipment, mammography systems, and fluoroscopy systems.


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