GE LightSpeed 16 CT: Greater Power Scanning, and Lower Dose

by Mohammed Arafat

Thursday 11th of November 2021

GE LightSpeed 16 CT: Greater Power Scanning, and Lower Dose



CT scanners technology has completely changed since the 1970s. Most Imaging companies these days offer this innovative GE LightSpeed 16 slices. 

This magical system allowed medical practitioners and others to have great power and lower dose for their patients.


GE LightSpeed 16 slices is one of the most advanced and latest models in CT scanner technology. It gives the doctors and practitioners the flexibility and power they need to perform their work easily. In addition to being the first CT scanner to deliver 16 slices per rotation, it images 0.63 and 1.25 mm slices, and it also images 1, 2, 4, and 8 slice modes. The following are more features of this system:

  1. The 4th evolution in LightSpeed

  2. GE microVoxel® technology

  3. Image quality in three dimensions

  4. Ideal for Complete & Fast Head Scanning

  5. 70cm Gantry Opening

  6. LightSpeed Gantry W/RF Slip-Ring

  7. ± 30 degrees Gantry Tilt

  8. Helical Tilt

  9. Dual High Color, High Contrast 19in. Flat Panel LCD Monitors

  10. Performix 6.3 mHu Tube

  11. 16 Slice Matrix Detector

  12. Patient 16-Slice

  13. Patient Table with Metalless Cradle

  14. Light Speed PDU

  15. High Performance DAS

  16. 53.2kW Generator, 10 to 440 MA

  17. 80, 100, 120, & 140kV Selections

  18. Sub-Second Scanning (0.5 Second Scan Time)

  19. Auto MA to Optimize X-Ray Usage

  20. SMART Start Gantry Activated Scanning

  21. SMART Helical for Exam Streamlining

  22. SMART Prep Instant Contrast Monitoring

  23. SMART Speed Scan Time Enhancer

  24. SMART Tools to Automate Exam Tasks

  25. Variviewer

  26. 120 sec. Continuous Helical & Up to 2000 Contiguous Rotations

  27. 160cm Max. Scan Volume Based on Table Travel

  28. Pitch of Quad 0.75:1 (3:1) or 1.5:1 (6:1)

  29. Magnetic Optical Disk Image Storage

Why wait? talk to us and ask questions regarding this magical system.

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