Express to Welcome Siemens Emotion 16 Slice System

by Mohammed Arafat

Friday 24th of September 2021

Express to Welcome Siemens Emotion 16 Slice System

Since one of its jobs is to de-install complete imaging equipment and systems and units from the fifty states, Express Systems and Parts Network is opening its arms for one of the most popular CTs in the world. SOMATOM Emotion Eco 16-Slice is a customer-focused philosophy Siemens product that is a huge part of the daily clinical routine. 



Whether you are a professional who does business with clinics and hospitals, or a clinician who puts their patient's comfort first, this magical CT's high quality provides uninterrupted patient care and excellent clinical reliability in all of the different circumstances.

While, simultaneously, lowering costs, 16 slice CT is considered one of the most economical CTs, as it has a lower requirement for preventive maintenance.

SOMATOM Emotion Eco 16-slice Configuration Specifications:

Manufacturer: Siemens

System Name: Somatom Emotion 16 (Classic) Square Gantry - RS Eco

Scalable Ref.

Date of Manufacture: 08/22/2003

Serial Number: NA

System Fully Functional? Yes

Condition: 9

Current Service Contract: NA

Console Type: Syngo

Software Version: NA

Software Options List:

Syngo Osteo CT #AWP

Osteo Mattress with Phantom

syngo Dental CT #AWP

WorkStream 4D

Recon Plus



SOMATOM Emotion Eco 16-slice Configuration Features:

Powerful V-engine gradients (30mT/m)

State-of-the-art zero helium boil-off magnet

Parallel Imaging in all directions and head to toe

Reduce acquisition times with PAT factors up to 8

Water-cooled gradient system with 24mT/m and 55T/m/s slew rate

Increased efficiency with linked database, fast reconstruction, WorkStream 4D, and dose reduction with CARE Dose4D

Less downtime with faster installation.

Reduced scheduled maintenance requirements

More than 98% of the materials used can be returned to the flow of recyclable materials

SafeCT Low-dose Solution

16-slice acquisition

Wide range of clinical applications

Fast and efficient with 0.6 second rotation time

Multislice UFC detector

0.75 or 1.5mm slices per rotation in less than 20 seconds

Small diagnostic detail for acquisition

105 millisecond temporal resolution for clear depiction of blood vessels

Scan any anatomy with a single breathhold

Pathology seen from any perspective

Low patient dose

Interested in learning more? Download the system's manual from here.


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