COVID Creates Shortages of Medical Supplies

by Mohammed Arafat

Thursday 14th of October 2021

COVID Creates Shortages of Medical Supplies


During the past two years, the world struggled trying to beat COVID-19 and its aftermath. Thousands died every day, the economy collapsed entirely, local and international flights paused, streets emptied, and offices had no inhabitants. 

Just recently, when the vaccines were made and became available, many regions started to breathe. Life started to come back, but slowly, people started to have smiles on their faces, and spirits started to become more optimistic, thanks to the vaccines companies, first responders, and to the patient people who abided with the COVID regulations set by their local governments.

Although this very important update improved many main sectors in the lives of millions, COVID created shortages of an array of American medical supplies, not only masks, but also other medical parts and equipment needed at medical facilities. 

Many medical experts believe that getting specific types of medical supplies can take up to five months, while it used to take from 3 to 6 weeks before the start of the pandemic.

In addition to local and international shipping being delayed, what helped cause this shortage is the shortages of raw materials, like plastics, metals, glass, and electronics. Many American producers are waiting for parts from overseas, which are jammed in seaports.

A few weeks ago, the Port of Los Angeles/Long Beach stated that a record of more than 60 container vessels were waiting offshore to unload goods, including many that carry raw materials needed for medical products and equipment.

Surprisingly, the shortages in supplies cause higher prices, which fuels fears of a wave of sustained inflation according to an article published by Reuters.

Some of the backlogs, though, are easing, and things are believed to get better over the coming months, but that does not mean the whole issue will be resolved entirely.

Express Systems and Parts Network, Inc, based in Aurora, Ohio, and its staff members are doing their best to be one of the best medical equipment and parts suppliers during these tough times. From a huge warehouse stocked with thousands of parts and complete equipment, to a professional team that knows what they are doing, Express’ goal is customer satisfaction.

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