If it weren’t for the patient’s care and clinicians’ time and efforts, there’s no way we could do what we do at Express Systems and Parts Network (ESPN).

Who We Are:

Founded 25 years ago by professionals who have years-long imaging equipment experience, Express Systems and Parts Network comes with the intention to help radiology and imaging professionals find the solutions they look for. With a 25,000 square feet warehouse with thousands of pre-owned spare parts and hundreds of systems, ESPN breaks the brokering rules and puts itself in the imaging equipment market as a provider, just like the big sellers and buyers out there.

What We Do:

We just happened to deliver a worry-free environment for our clients. Our approach will allow you to focus more on your clinic and patients. You don’t have to make calls, send emails, or reach out to multiple brokers to get your part or equipment. Our customers call us the Amazon of medical equipment. Our portfolio is full of well-known hospitals across the country; like Cleveland Clinic, Yale, Ohio State, and many more. Our relationship isn’t limited to only manufacturers, but we also keep a good business relationship with other providers, just like us, such as PartSource, PhiGEM and others.

Our Values:

Our unique core values are reliability, trust, and customer-satisfaction. We believe in thinking differently, and with that, we are different. We believe in challenging the status quo in everything we do and every stage we take. Our way to challenge the status quo is by delivering a user-friendly platform to assist our customers with medical imaging equipment removal, multi-vendor services, complete medical systems and spare parts sale and purchase.

Our Services:

For the past 25 years, we have been delivering an array of services for partners, clinicians, professionals, and other clients who trust what we do  across the nation and worldwide. Our professional team members are dedicated to being your reliable colleagues in handling:

  • selling/buying medical imaging equipment and parts.
  • installing and de-installing medical imaging equipment
  • vendor management, and sourcing
  • customizing equipment training
  • outsourcing services
  • exceptional multilingual technical support
  • and special freight shipping (air and ground)

Our Prices:

Because we own the equipment and parts we have, our prices are very competitive. They can reach 20-60% below the OEM list. Our company collaborates with well-known international manufacturers, some of which are GE, Philips, Picker, Siemens, Toshiba, Hitachi, and Shimadzu.

Our Teams:

Our team of engineers are knowledgeable in all types of modalities; such as CT, MRI, Ultrasound, R/F, Cath Labs, C-Arms, and Mammography. From installing to de-installing, they have done hundreds of jobs that satisfied our clients and made their lives easier.

Our team of sales professionals helped so many clinicians and other clients go through the process of selling and buying any medical imaging equipment through an easy process that saves a lot of money and effort.

ESPN also has marketing, accounting, web development, and content writing teams who work behind the scenes to make things happen.


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